A Little Comfort

by, Loke

Category: Angst
Rating: G
Pairing: Finch/Katie
Spoilers: None
Archive: Yes, if you want it.
Summary: Being the town mortician isn't always easy.
Warnings: Death of a minor character (saying any more would spoil the story.) This is a very sad story, but an unfortunate fact during the time period.

Disclaimer: The 'Peacemakers' characters in the story are the sole property of USA Network and whoever owns it this year. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Note: This came out of thin air this morning and insisted on being written. Blame the muse!!

Larimer Finch entered the mortuary looking for Katie Owen to ask her for help with a new case. Not finding her in the front, he moved to the rear of the building, where bodies were prepared for burial.

"Katie?" he called softly, out of respect for the dead.

He found her in one of the back rooms, standing by a table, her shoulders slumped in dejection. "What's wrong?" was halfway out of his mouth when he saw the small, blanket-wrapped, too-still bundle on the table. "The Gordon baby?"

"Yeah," Katie sighed. "Doc said she never did breathe right. Makes me kinda glad I'm an old maid -- I don't think I could stand to bury one of my own."

Finch did the only thing he could think of, which was to turn Katie around and pull her into a comforting, wordless embrace. He put out of his mind how soft she felt against him, or how her head tucked itself under his chin, and let any thought of babies, sadly dead or blessedly alive, drift away from his thoughts.

The End